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I absolutely LOVE this journal!
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Within a month of using it, I have more confidence than ever, have moved into my dream apartment and even received my largest paycheck to date!

What a powerful way to start and end my day.
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I cannot imagine not using The I AM Journal from now on.

I am loving my I AM Journal!
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It's so simple to use and helps me to focus on exactly what I need to do in order to create the life I desire and deserve. I've been using it for just over a week and appreciate how much more focused I already am. I can't wait to see where this helps take me next in my journey.

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Are you actually DOING? Or are you just dreaming?

Posted by Lauren Sanders on

Now that you've learned how to declare what you want to the universe, we're going to build on that foundation to unleash your inner miracle manifestor.

In today's video, you'll learn how to put the Law of Attraction into action for your life by, well, taking action.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper or your copy of The I AM Journal. Then press play to learn how to take action every day towards manifesting your burning desire.


Here are the four most important things to remember when it comes to taking action daily on your dreams:

  • Focus on taking just three intentional actions daily
  • Hold yourself accountable by writing this list of three actions each morning, and then reviewing that list again at night
  • Look at this list as things you GET to do -- not things you have to do
  • Focus on how it will feel while taking these action steps each day
I hope this inspires you to start each day with a list of three intentional actions you'll take to manifest your burning desire.

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